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Basic Things To Know About Each Chapter Of A Doctoral Dissertation In History

Doctoral dissertations are an extremely important part of anyone in search of a degree. Many people find this thesis very stressful. There is a format that you can use to make the thesis easier to complete. Here are some basic things to know about each chapter of a doctoral dissertation in history:

  • Chapter 1 is the introduction to your paper. The following things should be included in this chapter:
    • The statement of the problem must come at this point
    • A background of your problem needs to be discussed so all of the readers get up to speed.
    • It is important that you tell the purpose of your study and the significance of your work.
    • Include what research questions you are going to answer
    • This is the appropriate time to give the definition of terms that most people may not know.
    • Describe any limitations or assumptions that you have made concerning your problem.
    • Write a conclusion of your introduction to sum up all that you want to highlight.
  • Chapter 2 is a review of the literature used in your research. Include the following in this chapter:
    • Describe where and what you searched for your data.
    • Give a basic framework of your literature.
    • Give a review of your research and organize it according to themes or variables.
  • Chapter 3 explains your methodology you have used to complete your research. The following should be included in this chapter:
    • Outline how you designed your research and what questions you plan on answering.
    • Explain the setting for your research.
    • Indicate what type of participants were used to gather your data.
    • Explain how you collected the data and what methods you used to analyze your work.
    • Create a conclusion that highlights the important parts of your methodology.
  • Chapter 4 is dedicated to your research findings. You should include what the findings are and try to organize them in the order of the research questions you posed in the earlier chapters.
  • Chapter 5 includes your conclusion. The conclusion needs to consist of the following things:
    • You need to reiterate a summary of your findings
    • Draw your conclusions in the order of the research questions you posed in the earlier chapters.
    • Present a discussion of your research and why it is important.
    • Offer some suggestions for any future research you feel should be discussed.
    • Create a conclusion of your major points presented in your conclusion.

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