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5 Things You Might Not Know About The Dissertation Defense Format

Writing your thesis is one major task and defending is like another daunting one. Students often face difficulty presenting their project to the official committee members because they are either too afraid to fail or do not have a good grasp of the subject. This can get tough because you have to follow a proper structure and format that the official committee members can observe and compare in your paper. Sometimes, the committee members would want to know if the work has been published or not. If you have published the work, where did you do it and how was it received. You need to be prepared and confident about your work if you wish to create a strong impression

Ideally, your dissertation defense must address these things:

  1. The title/thesis statement of your paper.
  2. It is must to include the title of your paper to show the readers what your work is all about. Make sure that your title is engaging enough to pull their attention and keep them interested to continue reading your paper

  3. What is the problem that you are addressing?
  4. Show the audience that what particular problem or gap your paper is going to solve. This will be easier if you have done a careful literature review before picking your niche.

  5. Why is it important or why should someone care?
  6. Clearly state the significance of your work for the audience and how it will contribute to the subject matter. This is an important part of your structure and you should not miss it at all because it shows the actual worth of your work

  7. What are the results you achieved?
  8. When you have included the problem and why it is important to address it, you should go ahead and give an idea of the results you got. This shows your success in the project to the audience.

  9. How did you achieve these results (methodology)?
  10. Show what methods and procedures you used for getting the results that you have and collecting the data for your paper. This should also show your data analysis process.

If you successfully include these things in your paper in a logical order, then you can create a strong format for your defense. It is important to keep a list of thesis related publications so that you can refer back to them and add authenticity in your work.

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