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A List Of Interesting Thesis Topic Ideas In Environmental Science

Environmental science has really taken hold of the world in recent times, and with good reason. Global temperatures are reported to be rising faster than at any other time in our history, and even ignoring this one terrifying prospect, humans are now capable of completely of destroying our environments on much shorter time scales. Here are 10 interesting environmental science topics for your consideration:

  1. Can we affect global warming through our actions?
  2. Many people believe that humans are not a significant enough force to be able to affect global temperatures. Is this claim true?

  3. Oil companies claim Global Warming is an attack on their wealth.
  4. Oil companies feel like they have wrongfully been burdened with the majority of blame for global warming and believe it’s an attack on their wealth by less wealthy groups. Is there evidence to support this claim.

  5. Nuclear waste is not as dangerous as we think
  6. The radioactivity of a substance is related to its half life and so nuclear waste is hard to dispose of because they have an extremely long half life, it stays radioactive for a long time. This also means that they radiate very little radiation compared to other materials with shorter half lives.

  7. Fish on hallucinogens
  8. Many of the drugs humans utilize for pleasure eventually reach natural waterways, unchanged by our bodies. Investigate the effects of these drugs on aquatic life.

  9. The benefits of algal blooms
  10. Carbon dioxide is a main greenhouse gas so having it removed by large quantities of algae from a man made, controlled algal bloom can reduce global warming effects.

  11. Humans are natural polluters
  12. We have already polluted large areas on earth, it’s oceans and even orbital space around earth.

  13. A pound of fat
  14. Various chemicals are used to promote growth in poultry for commercial use and it is speculated that these chemical also affect humans in the same way.

  15. We support environmental destruction
  16. Many of us take part in environmental activities yet our very lives are damaging to nature

  17. Deserts cause lush rain forests
  18. Deserts may be dry and harsh but they are a vital part of the earth water cycle and are involved in the process responsible for the abundant rains present in rain forests.

  19. Geothermal energy is damaging to the earth
  20. Releasing large amounts of energy from the earth will one day affect the processes in the earth’s crust and lead to unexpected catastrophes.

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