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Composing A Powerful Dissertation Introduction In Economics

Most of the Master’s students encounter a tough time when it comes to crafting a presentable dissertation paper. Most of them make very small mistakes which ultimately lead them into scoring very small marks. One of the key parts of this paper that can direct the lecturer to offer such a poor or a good score is the introduction. If this paragraph is catchy, there is a great possibility that your audience will be drawn in. However, if you compose a mind-numbing introductory section, no one will have the attraction towards it. Consider these four pillars:

Use words that do not contrast

Since the introduction forms the very first part of the whole dissertation paper, it is good that the writer stick to words that do not predict contrast to each other. This will present a challenge in trying to apprehend the exact problem in the question that is yet to be talked about. Let anyone that will go through your paper first have a clear idea of the topic. You can break it into parts to make them comprehend easily.

Employ brief phrases

The beauty of crafting an excellent dissertation introduction lies in the way the writer uses the sentences. For instance, too long sentences can be quite bring to read to the end. When many of them are employed, the introductory paragraph might be quite lengthy relative to the recommended length that should be adhered. This therefore can cause the lecturer to deduct you some marks leaving you with a very low total score. The best is even when you make a good combination of both the long and the short phrases.

Stick on attention-grabbing vocabulary

As the lecturer skims through your work, he or she wants to see specific things that can make him or her more interested in reading the text. If there is nothing, interesting in your paragraph, the person marking it will have no option but to simply give you sympathy marks and move on to the next paper.

Take an acquit position as you state your thesis

A thesis is the central statement in your introduction which convinces the reader of what the content entails. A good thesis should be specific to the topic and also well written with no contradictions. Only use simple words that the reader can easily understand. The use of complicated vocabularies can waste the time of the reader as he or tries to check the meaning if these words.

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