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How To Write A Strong Phd Dissertation In A Month

Writing a dissertation is a full time job. Planning on writing one n a month would take diligence and effort. No minute can be wasted in the process. If your topic has been approved and is ready to go, then use he following tips for getting a dissertation completed within a month. Schedule your interviews first, make a strict schedule, enlist a writing company for help, and make sure to look at and work on your paper every single day.

Schedule Your Interviews First

Contact your interviewees immediately and set up the interviews. If you can schedule them all in the first week, you can move along to gathering other data. The biggest hurdle will be getting these experts to find time in their very busy schedule to make an appointment for you. Be persistent but professional as you seek your interviews.

Make a Strict Schedule

Map out your schedule immediately. Place every single job on it. You cannot afford to miss a single deadline if you plan on finishing this PhD dissertation in a month. You need to exceed all of your deadlines. Do not forget to add in your advisor appointments.

Hire A Writing Company

You will not have time to do all of your edits and proofreading yourself. You have to hire outsiders for this. Make sure to check the company reviews and critiques. Now is not the time to hire a below-par writing company. Always move up your deadlines, so that the work from the company is in your hands at least two days before it is due. You can arrange to give the work to the company in sections.

Work on Your Paper Every Day

You will have to work on your paper every single day; in fact you will need to work on your paper a few hours each day. You cannot afford any time off if you want to finish a dissertation with in a month’s time.

You can complete a PhD dissertation in a month, but it will not be an easy job. You will need to work hard, meet all deadlines, and follow these rules to have success. You will want to schedule your interviews first, create and stick to a strict schedule, hire a writing company for extra help, and work on your PhD dissertation every day in the month.

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