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How to Write an APA Style Dissertation: the Rules of Citation

APA formatting style is the standard format style for research papers in psychology and other social sciences. The name is the abbreviation of American Psychologists Association. These professionals set an industry standard for the papers so that they can all follow the same pattern and are easy to use for research purposes. Writing down your paper in a certain format will make things simpler for both you and the reader.

The APA style is a complete formatting style for the entire dissertation or term paper. If you are having some trouble in attempting the citation part of your paper then you need to read this article. This article explains the rules and restrictions for citations in APA style.

Rules for citations in APA style

The first thing you need to know is that you will have in-text citations. This will allow your reader to know instantly whose work you are referring to and when it was published.

If the author of the citation is one single person, you need to include his last name and the date enclosed in a bracket. E.g., we can see from the theory of existence (Hanks, 1987).

If one of these things has to be a part of the narrative then you cannot ignore the other, you will have to write the other one enclosed in a bracket. For example, the theory of existence published in 1987 (hanks) we can find useful evidence

If the work you are going to cite is created by two authors, you will have to mention both of them in your paper. You will use the symbol & in parenthesis between the two names and the word “and” in narrative.

You can use the word “et al” when you refer to more than two authors for a work. You will have to name each when you introduce it for the first time. In the rest of the paper, you can use the term “et al” which means and others in Latin.

These are all the basic citation rules that you need to know for you APA style author citation. If you want to learn, more you need to research better and focus on our work. Take notes when you find something important do not just download things and stuff them in your personal computer. Take a note or highlight every time you see some relevant information


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