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7 Tips To Help You Prepare For The Defense Of Your Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation defense is among the final hurdles that you will face in the completion of your degree, thus, it is important to be prepared for the defense. It is your responsibility to present the arguments of your document clearly. You should be able to show your knowledge of your document and you should be able to counter attack the questions asked while your presentation.

You should practise prior to your presentation and should be confident enough to provide a strong defense. Traditionally defense is an oral exam and it is not too difficult for graduates to pass. A prior planning and good practise can help you pass this hurdle.

7 tips to help you prepare for your dissertation defense

  1. First and foremost know how the process of defense is conducted in your university. The process may vary university to university as in duration etc. Gather complete information of the process in your university.
  2. Being nervous in such situations is obvious but with constant practise you can overcome being nervous. Practise a lot to make yourself feel confident on the D-day.
  3. Practise your stuff with friends or at home, this will increase your self confidence. Lack of practise may lead you to unwanted circumstances. So, Practise well.

  4. If it is possible to attend defense hearings which are open for the public then do attend those. It will get you acquainted to the process as in how it is conducted, etc. Attending a defense hearing can help you gain self confidence.
  5. If it is not possible to attend other’s defense hearings then ask your colleagues about their experience. Ask them about the duration, questions asked and overall conduct of the process.

  6. Know each and every stuff of your document. Study the document thoroughly and revise it on the day of the defense. You are supposed to know your document well and detailed questions may be asked, be prepared to answer the same.
  7. Prepare a short, simple and sweet summary. While summarizing you should mention what all you did and who were the people who advised you, etc. Your conclusion should be compact and should not be unnecessarily long.
  8. Be cool and calm before and on the day of defense. Do not wake till late at night before the defense. Have a sound sleep and do not worry too much.
  9. Come well dressed and in a presentable manner. Stay calm and composed during the process and you are ready.

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