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Getting A Free Sample Dissertation Literature Review Online: Helpful Advice

If you are writing your dissertation one of the key chapters that you will have to cover is the literature review. The literature review is a substantial part of your paper, one which focuses on the background to the topic and specifically what information exists already and what work other researchers have completed on the topic.

The literature review provides your Peter with the background that they need to truly understand and appreciate your topic. Your topic will not necessarily make sense unless it is put into context. You cannot arbitrarily discuss genetic cloning for a specific frog species unless you give them some background to the point of your review. This particular section is quite a difficult one to write in terms of references because it is typically the section that includes the highest number of in text citations. So it is important that you regularly check your citations for this section in particular.

One of the things that you can do to help write this section is to get a sample. You can get a free sample dissertation literature review online and follow it point by point as you begin to draft yours.

So where can you find a free sample?

  • If you're searching online the best place to start is your school library database. The reason this is the best place to start is because you need something that is approved by your research committee. Your review committee has already approved multiple pieces by other students and those pieces are held inside of the school library. The library may not allow you to check out the sample because typically they have just one copy. However you can simply photocopy the necessary pages or scan each page of the sample and email it to yourself so that you have a version stored electronically which you can print from time to time or referred to physically on your computer.
  • If you search on the website you will be able to find a list of previously published documents which will serve as the best possible guide because you already know that the content has been approved by your specific review committee.
  • If you're unable to track down a copy from your school website can always turn to an additional school. Look for school that is on par with yours in terms of academic requirements, or one which has a department similar to yours. Search their Internet website and library page for samples previously published by other students.

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