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Where To Get A Good Example Of A Dissertation Written In The APA Style

Different formats and styles can be difficult to get a handle on, and writing a dissertation is difficult enough without having to worry about using the APA format. For this reason, it’s beneficial to try and find a good example that you can follow along with as you do your own work so that you don’t make silly and unnecessary mistakes. Below is a list of the best places to find great examples of dissertations written in the APA style.

  • University homepages or departmental pages
  • Your university wants you to pass, and will do what they can to make that happen. This includes providing free dissertation examples both on the main site and the departmental pages. You may need to use your individual university I.D. because the samples may not be open access - that is, available to non-students. Nevertheless, this is the best place to go because the university will know what it expects from its students and will use the correct style - in this instance, APA - in its examples. Ask your tutor if you cannot immediately find what you’re looking for: sometimes these things are buried!

  • Google Scholar
  • Google scholar specialises in academic texts of all types, all levels and on all sorts of different subjects. It also has a great deal of samples of the different citations styles, including APA. If you use the right search terms, you should find plenty of examples of dissertations. Remember to include the key terms ‘APA’, the subject you are writing on and the level you are writing at - graduate, postgraduate etc.. Try different combinations of search terms, too, so that you find different samples, since you want to be able to have a choice in order to be able to select the best one.

  • Forums
  • There are almost certainly hundreds (at least!) of forums on the internet dedicated to writing dissertations on various different subjects, from English to maths to history. Students of all different topics writing at all sorts of different levels go online and connect with other pupils in order to get advice and help in their studies. You can post requests for one or more of these forums explaining that you are looking for examples of dissertations written in the APA style and wait for someone to send their answer. They may well send you their own work or samples that they have sourced from elsewhere, both of which are fine.

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