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A Detailed Guide To Administrative Law Dissertation Writing


The hardest part of any degree can be the daunting idea of having to write and research your own administrative law dissertation. Many students find that they start their dissertation too late and find it hard to get all the research done that is needed for their chosen topic. Others may find that they have not taken detailed enough notes and may have lost references along the way. Good time management and planning right from the beginning will help to iron out any problems as they arise.


Once you have your topic in mind, don’t be afraid to change the title as you conduct research searches. Sometimes the idea of your dissertation can change as you find more and more information on your dissertation. Keep this idea in mind as you begin the planning stages for your dissertation.

The majority of your time should be spent on researching your chosen topic and less time is spent on the actual writing of your dissertation. Therefore, as you look to planning your time it is worth considering that research does take hours. Remember to include locations in the use of your planning at this stage. Research locations can include:

  • Libraries
  • Notes and handouts from previous lectures
  • The internet

Knowing where you are likely to spend a research session will help you to plan how much time you will need.


While you are still in the researching stages of your dissertation, it is important to remember to keep detailed notes. Each research session should be recorded with where and when you have obtained your research. This will come in handy for when you write your references. It is annoying to find that you have research notes on a topic but then cannot remember where you found them. A database of all material would be a handy task to complete at this stage.

It is also important to be able to keep in touch with your tutor with regular meetings when doing a dissertation. Taking notes during these meetings can only help to further your dissertation.


Once you have accumulated your notes and research, it is time to start writing your dissertation. One way to do this is to tackle your dissertation one section at a time. If you break the dissertation down into chapters, it is far easier to organise. This way you can research and take notes for one section, write this up before going on to the next one.


Time management is the one most essential skill in order to write a successful dissertation. Once you have a time table in place, it is easier to stick with this and not run out of time to complete your dissertation.

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