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Writing A Law Dissertation: Practical Guidelines

Law is a rather complicated science. Writing a law dissertation is a serious test of the students’ knowledge and their ability to manipulate the information. There are various aspects that should be taken into consideration while conducting a research. You need to develop a strong flexibility of your mind to deal with writing. These guidelines will help you to overcome the majority of problems while writing a law dissertation.

  • Write as precisely as possible.
  • Try to avoid using “water” in your text. Law is the science where you need to state facts and nothing more. Only appropriate facts and information can be included into your work otherwise you risk to spoil an entire text.

  • Use only checked facts.
  • You cannot use facts without previously checking them. The credibility of the material should be proved not only by a single source, but by at least two or three ones. Unchecked facts can have a negative impact on your final conclusion.

  • Spend a lot of time in the library.
  • You can always get information from the web, but very often it is unchecked. Visiting your library is an excellent idea, because there are various law journals, where you can get necessary information. It is usually correct, as experts, before publishing, check it.

  • Choose a narrow topic.
  • Law has multiple branches and it is very easy to select the one that can become the object of your interest. However, you need to specify the topic and narrow it down to explore it properly. The purpose of the dissertation is to describe the topic that hasn’t been researched before and has some value. Describing a general theme will not fulfill your scientific goal.

  • Be specific about your sources.
  • While gathering information, you should figure main and secondary sources of information. Don’t forget to work on the methodology of your work. These actions will help you select more important facts from less important ones.

  • Draw mind maps or write plans.
  • Such activities will help you stay logical during writing. All the required steps will be described in a single scheme and it will be easier to describe what you want if you have a sequence of necessary steps.

  • Work regularly.
  • A regular work develops a habit. You should try to write your dissertation every day for at least several minutes. Your brain will remember it and it will work better at any time when you start writing.

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