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Writing A Winning Dissertation Proposal: The Research Plan

When you are a student writing a dissertation proposal will be the most important thing you will do to get your degree. Now it is not that easy but with the right guidance the task can be accomplished effectively. The first thing you will have to do is pick a topic and once you have honed on the topic you will have to do the research. Here are a few tips that will help you complete a winning dissertation proposal successfully. The right planning will get you the approval of the committee and help you work on the plan you have selected for your paper.

Importance of a proper plan

Once you have selected the dissertation topic and collected all the necessary information you will have to draw the rough outline. The proposal will highlight its importance. This will be the first draft and you will need an effective plan to make it successful.

The plan will be based on the format of the paper and how you wish to represent the facts to the committee. The right plan will help you prove the importance of the hypothesis you are working on. So it is crucial that you spend the most amount of time building the structure of the dissertation proposal and deciding which facts will come after which one.

Keeping the flow and consistency

The most annoying thing for a reader is reading points that are not connected. Poor transition can make the reader disoriented and give up reading your proposal. You will have to keep the flow smooth and consistent. You cannot expect the reader to end till the last if they cannot link two points.

Make sure you end a point in such a way that the reader is already expecting something like the next point. By jumping this transition phase you will only spoil the proposal. An effective plan will help you overcome such hindrances and you will have a winning dissertation proposal in no time.

Helpful suggestions on getting the plan right:

  • You will have to go through the guidelines and specific rules to ensure you make a plan that is according to standards of your university.
  • You can get a good sample and follow it. This will give a well established format that has been tried and tested. You will just have to insert the necessary points and create a paper quite similar to the sample.

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