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5 Tips To Consider Looking For A Dissertation Literature Review Example

One of the major sections of your dissertation is the literature review section. It is where you present your evidence and show how it proves your hypothesis. It is one of the most important sections and usually takes some time to complete. You will need to write a summary about each piece and show how it relates to your topic specifically.

When you are trying to complete this section of your paper, you should find an example to use as a guide. It will help you understand what it should look like. There are some great places to look.

  1. Dissertation database
  2. Most online resource libraries will include a dissertation database. You can search for a paper on your subject and you may be able to find some resources too.

  3. Professional writer
  4. Another great place to try is on a professional writing service website. They offer samples to draw clients into their site. It is a great place to find a sample because it is written by a professional and is edited extensively to ensure that there are not mistakes.

  5. Instructional website
  6. vSome sites will give you instructions on how to complete this part of your paper. They will usually include samples because it is a great way to help explain what you need to do. A visual is a great way to help you understand.

  7. Writing lab
  8. Most schools have a writing resource lab that is designed to offer students with guidance on their writing. They usually have samples from former students. This can be a good resource because the staff might still be in the school and if they accepted the previous student’s paper it is a good resource to use.

  9. Formatting guide
  10. Most schools require that you write your paper in a certain format. Two of the most popular formatting styles are the MLA and the APA. You can find sample dissertations written in either one of these styles. It will be a great sample because it will show you how to format your paper and how to write it.

An example is a great way of making sure that you get your paper correct. It can give you tips and guide you in the right direction. I would find a sample first before even starting the writing process and read it through a few times.

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