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Where To Look For A Great Dissertation Hypothesis Example

Your dissertation hypothesis can be understood as the question that you seek to answer in your paper. It therefore must be strong and compelling. Briefly, a good hypothesis should meet the following characteristics.

  • It should have testable assertions. As the writer, you will use the paper to test the hypothesis and give your logical findings.
  • Should be a statement and not a question - though it does not provide answers immediately, it should state your position which you will defend throughout the paper.
  • Should be brief and to the point - this is a single statement on your position about the issue at hand. Brief statements are clear and easy to understand.
  • Should provide a reference to previous research. This helps to give it a context and show the contribution of your paper towards academic advancement.

Good dissertation hypothesis examples are rare to find. However, when searching in the right places, it is easier to get one. Using a good example will affect the quality of your work. Since you will be imitating what you have in the sample, it is important to find the right samples. Where can you get a reliable dissertation hypothesis example?

  1. From the library
  2. Institutional libraries provide professionally vetted materials. The academic institutions have a responsibility to adhere to the highest standards in the market. As such, they provide the best materials for use by students and other academicians. Failure to offer quality reference materials is likely to damage their reputation. You are therefore guaranteed the best samples from the library.

  3. Ask your supervisor
  4. Supervisors understand the writing process and are ready to assist whenever needed. They have encountered a variety of academic materials and are in a position to identify the best. Your supervisor has an obligation to assist in your academic pursuit. As such, they readily direct you to a reliable source or forward a copy that is in their possession.

  5. From colleagues
  6. Some colleagues are several steps ahead in their research. They have encountered a number of excellent examples of great dissertation hypothesis. They will assist you with the copies they are holding or provide a library index where you can get a good one.

    The strength of a dissertation hypothesis makes it attractive to read. It gives the reader the motivation required to dig deeper into the paper. The statement should capture the variables being tested and above all be logical.

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