PhD writing tips

Getting Effective Dissertation Help: 5 Useful Suggestions

  1. Redesign your schedule
  2. Dissertation is a very long document containing almost 30000-50000 words. Writing needs time, and when search is included, the writing tasks become more challenging. Now when you are going to start a project, that is very lengthy, you would have to manage all your tasks with your writing. If you are working somewhere or have a busy schedule then you would have to redesign your schedule.

  3. It is a scientific method
  4. Dissertation is more like a scientific method. It includes observation, hypothesis, thesis statement, critical analysis, and conclusion. There is no experimental work included in it. Information is checked repeatedly.

  5. Originality
  6. You have to provide original document. You have to show your contributions, what changes you have brought in the research work. What is your conclusion in the thesis?

  7. Just do it
  8. Whatever is coming to your mind, just write it, whether it fits in a start, ending or somewhere in the middle section. Try to write, do not get pauses. Pauses are not good signs in writing. It becomes hard to start again after getting a pause.

  9. Gathering information
  10. It is obvious that, you will write on a topic that contains no complexity and you feel easy in writing. Again, a lengthy procedure demands you to research.

Resources for gathering information

You should search online, and gather as much information as you can. A tip for gathering data is, just gather it. Do not give much time on thinking that how you are going to arrange it? Why only internet, spend most of your time in libraries. Increase your social circle. Meet those people who could provide you information.


Highlighting important points would result in giving you more refine form of your dissertation.

Maintaining a record

Keep a notebook and maintain your record there. If you are not placing it at one place, everything will be dispersed.

Smaller chunks

Progressing day by day

Slow and steady wins the race. If you are moving slow, but you are regular in giving your dissertation proper time, then it is really a positive sign. Keep on adding time to complete your assignment.

Purpose of writing should be kept in mind

Hold your pen, when you feel being deviated. You should keep the purpose of writing in your mind. Once you get away from the topic, it will take time in directing your writing towards your topic again.

Revise and proofread

Do not submit your assignment without revising and proofreading.

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