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What Is The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertations?

A dissertation and thesis are both well research and long research papers that most students have to write if they want to graduate from graduate school but what is the difference between the two. There are some similarities and major differences between the two. Here are some of the differences between a thesis and dissertation.

Differences Between The Two

  • A thesis is usually based on information that is already available to the student as a dissertation is a study or research that is done by the writer on his or her own. This means a thesis is a well-researched research paper and a dissertation is a more hands on approach to the research paper.
  • A thesis is a lot shorter than a dissertation. A dissertation is sometimes the size of a novel and it take more time to do a dissertation then to do a thesis.
  • A dissertation has the writer collecting information on a fresh discovery in the field and thesis has the writer make a hypothesis and then discuss their take on the subject with the research that they have discovered.
  • A thesis can also be written to help a student get money for school and a dissertation is never used for that purpose.
  • A thesis is a main argument that is centered on the subject. And a dissertation is focused more on the background information on the subject.
  • Older findings can be used in a thesis and in a dissertation the writer has to come up with new findings to use in it.
  • The average thesis is know as an academic research paper and a dissertation is considered a academic book because of it’s length.
  • All the information that is gathered for a thesis is data that is used for the examination of the subject. The information gathered for a dissertation is based on theories and real investigation of the subject.

As you can see there are similar but the main differences between the two is the length and what kind of information should be included in the thesis and dissertation. Both a thesis and dissertation require a lot of research and time to write them. The thesis can take a few months to years but a dissertation almost always take years to write. Also a thesis is usually something that is written for a masters degree and a dissertation is usually written for a PhD.

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