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Where Should I Look For A Dissertation Proposal Example?

Writing a dissertation proposal isn’t too complex. All you need to do is summarize what your project is about and what questions you plan to explore and answer. You might even give some background too. However, the hard part is putting all of this information into a proposal and making it high quality and interesting. The best way to write a proposal is to find examples to follow and learn from. Seeing what other successful proposals included and how they were constructed will help you get ideas on how to put yours together. Here are a few good ways to find helpful proposal examples.

Teachers, Friends and Colleagues

Look around you and turn to the people you trust to find good examples that either they have written or that they have read. Teachers will most definitely be able to point you to some quality examples of dissertation proposals or even connect you with fellow students who have written them.

University Websites

Not all websites are trustworthy, and some may not have quality examples of dissertation proposals so be wary of the kinds of examples you get from random sites. One sure way to find a good one is on a university website. Your university may have a resource for this or you can browse around other universities’ sites to find one. They are a trustworthy and reputable source to find quality proposal examples.

Academic Tutors & Advisors

Whether you go to tutors or advisors at your school or through another program, they will often be able to either create a good example, or they will have the right resources to provide other quality examples. Using a tutor or advisor will ensure that the proposal example you are given is high quality, they can also help you with more specific examples that fit your project. You can even ask them to provide good and bad examples so you know what to stay away from, and you will be able to learn from the mistakes of others.

There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to writing a dissertation proposal, but you definitely do not have to reinvent the wheel and figure it out on your own. Using quality sources to find well-written proposals will ensure that you are imitating and learning from successful and well thought out proposals. With this type of method, it is hard to fail.

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