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Where To Find A Proper Sample Dissertation Literature Review

When most people think of a dissertation, they call to mind extensive research, data and in-depth writing. The literature review is one of the last things that people associate with this style of writing. For students, the literature review is one of the first parts of the writing process. To get started, students should find a sample of a good review. This will allow the student to see the best way to write it and the general style guidelines.

What Is a Literature Review?

Like the name implies, a literature review is intended to be a review of the existing literature on a topic. It is used by students to summarize sources and show the current state of the field. In addition, it is a useful tool for students to see if there is enough research available for a dissertation. During the creation of this document, the student will evaluate the sources that they have available. While they write about the sources, they will let the reader know which aspects of the research will be the most relevant to the paper.

What Is the Point?

Although it may seem like a waste of time, a literature review serves a valuable purpose. It is essentially a guide to a basic topic. Students who are short on time can look at existing literature reviews on their topic. Instead of having to read each source, they can instantly see which sources were useful for other writers. In the student's personal review, they will be able to create background information about the topic. When the professor reads through the literature review, they will be able to judge the depth and quality of the student's research.

Finding an Example

Since most people do not write literature reviews for fun, students may be unfamiliar with this style of writing. To gain a quick, easy grasp of the writing style, students should look examples of completed literature reviews. These can normally be found within academic books or scholarly journals. A professor or academic adviser may also be able to provide examples of this type of writing.

If the student cannot find an example through their professor or in an academic journal, they can always look online. They should start by typing “sample literature review” into the search engine. The results that appear could be for any subject, so students will need to add topic terms to the search query. Once the student has narrowed down the results, they can pick a few of the best papers to read.

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