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Where To Find A Dissertation Sample Available For Free

If you have been assigned a dissertation, then you know the struggles of crafting the piece. The trouble comes with the multitude of steps and research. Many people benefit from a sample dissertation, but they do not know where to look. If you are in the market for a free dissertation sample, here are a few places to look:

  • Dissertation databases. Colleges and universities often have databases that are full of dissertations. You might not be able to print one out for your own use, but you should be able to look at them in the library or elsewhere on campus. These dissertation samples have already been vetted by the school so you know it will be a good sample to use. If your college does not have a database, you might be able to find one through a friend who is attending another university.
  • Writing websites. Instead of hiring a write to write a dissertation for you, you can use a writing website for the free samples. Some of the better writing websites have free samples of essays, dissertations, and other writing projects. These samples are meant to help students and to serve as marketing for the website. They are often written by their writers, so you can trust that they will be good samples (although they are not as good as the ones from college databases).
  • Writing labs. Some colleges and universities have built online writing labs for their students. These labs are constantly being updated and they usually include samples of writing types, so you should be able to find samples of a dissertation or at least the separate pieces of the dissertation.
  • Formatting websites. Since your dissertation needs to have a format for the structure and the citations, the formatting website will have samples that you can use. The samples will show the way the dissertation should be formatted and the way the sources should be sited. Like the writing lab sites, the formatting websites might not have a complete dissertation sample, but they will have the major parts and how they should look in those unique parts of the paper. These parts are the ones that most students have difficulty with, so it is helpful to see exactly what they should look like and how to format them.

No matter where you go to find your dissertation, you should never use any of the writing that you see in the samples in order to avoid having problems relating to plagiarism. Try editor jobs online that can give you great experience before dissertation writing.

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