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Where To Find Great Dissertation Topics In Media Studies

Your courses are nearing the end. You are so close to that degree. However, you know that you have one more huge assignment that you will have to do right when everything else is going on. You are getting ready to move off campus, looking for gainful employment, and entering the professional world, but first you have to write the dreaded dissertation.

It is a very large and distinct paper that is designed to analyze the data rather than just compile it. You have never had to write a paper like this before and you can start by coming up with a really good topic to write about. Your topic has to be relevant and unique. You have to explore a new topic and not one that others have looked into. You want to create a hypothesis based on your knowledge and studies about a particular topic and prove or disprove it.

The topic is so important that you have to get it approved before you write your paper. Concentrate on finding just the right topic first because you won’t get very far in the process until it is accepted.

Here are some great places to look for topics:

Text books

You can find many relevant topics in your text book. There are many ideas in your index and table of contents that you can start with. One great source in your text book is probably sections that you skipped right over when you were reading. You know those boxes that are a different color and break up the actual text. These are usually real life situations that occurred in reference to the information in the text. They are great ideas for dissertations.

Online lists

There are also lists online that you can use to get ideas. I wouldn’t simply choose one. I would read through the list to get some general ideas. Then after doing some research, I would narrow it down to a really good topic. It is a great way to find something that is relevant.

Current events

You can utilize magazines and journals about media or media sites themselves to get ideas. Current events are usually a safe bet because they have the least likelihood that they have already been discussed.

The topic that you choose for this paper is important. Don’t enter into anything too lightly. It will not help you out in the long run.

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