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Dissertation Writing Assistance - What To Do If You Can't Come Up With An Appropriate Topic

Well the simple answer to this conundrum is that you must find an appropriate topic. If you have got to the stage where you are writing a dissertation then you are obviously not a beginner when it comes to essay and prose writing as a student. You know what is involved. You know how important the choice of topic is. But what do we mean here by the word appropriate?

By appropriate we mean that it is good for you. Basically there are two types of dissertation topics -- there are bad ones and there are good ones. The bad ones are bad for any number of reasons. They could be a very shallow topic not allowing you to study it in detail. It could be that research material associated with that particular topic is difficult to obtain. It could be that this particular topic has been flogged to death so to speak and you are looking for something a little less popular.

And of course there are good or very good dissertation topics but just because they are good doesn't mean that they are appropriate. You see every student is unique and it is vitally important that your dissertation topic is one which is good for you; one which suits your interests, your background and your current level of knowledge.

So where do you find appropriate topics?

Your first port of call should always be the academic staff at your school or college. Explain your situation. If your teacher or professor has been working with you for some time, he or she will know the sorts of things which will best suit your interests and abilities. Don't be afraid to consult teaching and library staff.

By going online you will find a wide range of websites which deal with the subject of dissertation writing and topics in particular. You will not be short of ideas but of course you will always need to apply the criteria of whether a so-called appropriate topic really works well for you.

And finally there are always opportunities when you try something like brainstorming. If you know an area or areas of study you would like to be involved in, working with a colleague or two in a brainstorming session could well unearth one or even more appropriate dissertation writing topics.

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