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Is It Feasible To Get A Doctorate Degree Without Working On A Dissertation?

A dissertation is required for most studies in order to be awarded with a PhD. There are two cases in which a dissertation may not be allowed. One is acceptable, but the other is not a place where you wish to end up. A dissertation is usually recognized as the pinnacle milestone in the doctoral process.

Medical Fields

There are some medical fields where you do not have to write a dissertation. If you are in this field, it is quite acceptable to not write one. If you are studying physical therapy, for example, you will not write a dissertation, but instead will have to pass field tests in order to be awarded with your PhD. If you are in the medical filed, check with your advisor to see if you can omit the dissertation portion of your doctoral pursuit. If is not required, then do not worry about it.

Sub-Par Colleges and Universities

Some schools that are not rigorous do not require the dissertation in the doctoral process. Do not attend one of these schools, as gaining employment with a PhD dissertation lacking will render you almost unemployable. The reason for this is that you will be competing for a job against students with a PhD that was obtained through the culmination of a dissertation. You would never be able to compete against them in the job market. It can take up to a year to compose a dissertation and then it must be argued. Your lack of a dissertation will appear to prospective employers as if you were not willing to do the work to obtain the PhD in the proper way.

If your field of study does not require a dissertation, then you will not have to write one to obtain your PhD. Some areas of the medical field do not require a dissertation for their PhD candidates. They require work and passing of tests in the actual field. If you chose a school that requires no dissertations for any PhD, you are attending a less rigorous or academic school. We are not referencing the medical field, but all fields. This option may look like the easy way out, but you should never take it. Future prospective employers will notice this massive omission on your resume. Be smart when it comes to getting a PhD and dissertations.

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