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A list of interesting dissertation topics you should write on

Dissertation or PHD thesis, are almost one and a same thing. When it comes to the selection of a dissertation topic, mostly students find it tough to select a proper topic for their dissertation. Some of the students copy others topic and find it difficult to complete it later on. One should not forget that everyone is different from others and so are the knowledge, interest, awareness, skills and capabilities. Number of topics come to one’s mind, when he is busy somewhere else and when he sets to write on his study table, every word appears to be unfamiliar to his mind. All goes out of his memory. It becomes almost impossible to write a single topic. For your convenience, below is a list of interesting dissertation topics.

Famous dissertation topics students can easily write on

  1. Does child abuse affect one’s practical life?
  2. Can we judge a country by its literacy rate?
  3. Who was the most successful Mughal emperor in India?
  4. Were all Muslim rulers as successful as Akbar in the sub-continent was?
  5. Do cognitive games actually improve the performance of one’s brain and memory?
  6. Is it a good way to prepare homemade organic food to keep your weight gain normal?
  7. Junk food manufacturers and retailers should revise their products and policies keeping health issues in mind
  8. Is there a possible relation between anxiety and drug abuse?
  9. Should there be an auto-check in the vehicles to ensure people do not drink and drive?
  10. Are TV actors paid well?
  11. Is it better to be a dentist than to be a dermatologist?
  12. Do nurses have low wages?
  13. Should the Government introduce new employment opportunities to increase the efficiency of labor?
  14. Does the production of important consumable decrease during a war
  15. Does cancer effect hair growth?

It is not necessary that all these topics be of your interest. You might not be passionate about a wide range of subjects. These dissertation topics are only to give you an idea of how your topic should look like. You can either pick the one that you like the best from these topics or compose your own by altering any of these topics. If you do not agree with any of these statements, you can then use their reverse. Your disagreement with the topic is a good sign; it will help you in gaining good grades in critical writing.

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