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5​ ​Golden Rules For Successful Dissertation Completion

Writing a dissertation is always a challenging task. It's considered to be the most complicated and the largest type of work students have ever done. Moreover, a wide range of research and planning skills are required for its successful completion. However, it’s a unique experience, because you are able to pick any topic of your interest and study it profoundly. It will also be highly beneficial for your future career. Here are the five basic rules that will help you facilitate your writing process:

  1. Find out your most suitable writing style.
  2. It’s no secret that you will have to analyze plenty of research works and articles. After that, you should decide which recommended texts are easy for you to comprehend. Figure out the way arguments are presented. Pay attention to catchy words and write down all the perfect examples given. Analyze the means by which the author uses to persuade a reader and think of a perfect way to apply them in your dissertation.

  3. Structuring sentences.
  4. It’s commonly believed that a long sentence sounds clever. However, in practice, a sentence consisting of many complicated words is difficult for the reader to understand its meaning. In addition, use appropriate introductory words to connect your sentences logically.

  5. Support your ideas with authoritative sources.
  6. Your research work should include your own ideas and observations supported with the arguments of prominent scholars or from reliable sources. The reader should see that your views are academically grounded. In addition, you have to point out what problems remain unsolved in your field of research and suggest your own solutions.

  7. Collect as many materials as you can.
  8. It’s desirable to make sure that all the available information on your topic has been collected. Thus, you will have plenty of sources to choose from and your research work will be more profound and comprehensive. Your materials should include sources such as interviews, newspapers, and statistics as well as academic articles and other scholars’ writings.

  9. Stay concentrated.
  10. One should clearly understand that writing a dissertation is a prolonged process that requires precision, assiduity, and profound knowledge. You will have to spend many hours searching for information, reading, and analyzing it. During the writing process, you should avoid being disturbed or distracted. If you become inattentive it’s strongly recommended to take a break and have a rest. As a result, you will always be demonstrating a high level of performance and will manage to succeed in writing a dissertation.

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