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Writing a Strong Master's Thesis: a List of Vital Prompts

If you are writing a master’s thesis consider this list of vital prompts. See if anything here strikes you as interesting. Use the samples as a starting off point from which to pick something relevant to your field. If you are interested in writing a paper on sports or athletics you should review the samples below and see if any of the topics stand out:

  • Given how dangerous football is to the players should live viewing of it be cancelled as a means of discouraging its popularity?
  • Should parents stop their children from playing potentially dangerous sports?
  • Should college level athletes receive a salary?
  • At what point do team pranks become bullying?
  • Is baseball no longer popular?
  • Are youths encouraged to be the best player too much leading to high injury among players?
  • Should sporting teams that have offensive names or mascots be changed?
  • Should colleges put more money into wellness programs than sports? Especially in southern states?
  • Is cheerleading considered a sport?
  • Is it problematic for athletes to come out as gay?
  • Should better rules be put into place regarding the way coaches treat their players?
  • Should athletes caught with dope have to give up any medals or titles they have already won?
  • Should betting on sports be legal?

When you are writing a master’s thesis you should make sure you establish a specific start date for your writing. The process is long and the research required is arduous. But by having a specific writing start date you will be able to push through the vast world of research and search only for the most relevant items. That being said you also want to make sure you establish a stop date. The stop date should be about three months after your writing start date. In order to reach this goal you should set up easy targets each day. You should aim for writing 500 words every day. This really is not much but if you can beat this goal a few days per week you will be surprised at how much faster you meet deadlines. You will also benefit because some days your writing will exceed that and you might produce 2000 words which will work out well when the next day you have a long meeting and miss your 500 word deadline.

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