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Composing A Strong PhD Paper Using Thesis Examples

You have bought yourself a decent PhD sample from a reputable academic writing company. But do you know how to use it effectively? Here are some ways to maximise the potential of your PhD thesis example.

  • Pay attention to the structure of the example and form your outline accordingly
  • This is the most important first step to using your PhD thesis example. Look at how the example is structured and create your outline accordingly. This shouldn’t take more than ten minutes because you have all you need right in front of you.

    Once you’re done, start typing in key ideas you wish to convey under each section of your thesis. Look at what points are emphasized in your example so that you understand the purpose of each section. What does the abstract convey? What does the introduction convey? What is the purpose of the first paragraph?

  • Use a similar PhD thesis example to borrow resources from
  • At the end of your example you should see a list of resources that were used. Get hold of these same resources to do your research from. Don’t limit yourself to these; get your own too, but these will give you a great head start in your research.

    Sometimes the writer of the example will have also suggested other resources that were not used. Track these down and add them to your arsenal.

  • Use your PhD thesis example to generate questions for yours
  • Every time you get stuck, read a paragraph or two of your example. This will clear away your brain fog and make you think about your topic in a different way. Do this with the purpose of generating new questions for yourself. Questions generate content, so the more you can ask, the more you can write about.

  • Helping you get motivated
  • Use your example as a reason to work on your PhD thesis. It does, after all, make the writing process so much easier. There are fewer reasons to procrastinate when you know you are in control of your assignment.

  • Compare and contradict between your thesis and your example
  • You can’t really quote from your example, but you can still use phrases like: “A popular view on the subject is...” and then describe the idea. By doing this, you can either compare that view to your own, or argue against it by providing evidence to the contrary. This is a powerful wa to generate content that is relevant and interesting.

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