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How To Compose A Good Dissertation Introduction Effortlessly

The dissertation is a project that graduate students may dread but understand it must be done. It is the culmination of a tremendous amount of work and will lead to the award of that postgraduate degree the student has been studying to receive. The dissertation has many separate parts to it and the Introduction is naturally a part of it. It has to be taken seriously and demand its own attention. It doesn’t have to be a major problem, however, and writing one can be done rather easily.

  1. Prepare A Draft. This is not the master edition and it can be revised later on. What matters is that you at least have thoughts down on paper as to how the Introduction should look. The draft also gives you a little bit of the blueprint on how you want to develop the rest of the thesis.
  2. Be Careful about the Language. It can be tempting to write an Introduction full of jargon and technical terms, but this is not as impressive as you may think it is. The language of the Introduction has got to be professional but clear. You are trying to persuade the reader to continue reading the dissertation. In a certain sense this is the marketing part of the project. A really good introductory sentence is going to help.
  3. Keep It Short and Sweet. The Introduction should not ramble on for pages and pages of text. The reader is not interested in that, but wants to get to the body of the paper. You can give a broad idea what is in the following chapters and not be extremely detailed up front.
  4. Deliver What You Promise. Whatever you say is going to follow in the dissertation must happen. Never say one thing in the Introduction and then forget about presenting it later on, because that will give the wrong impression.
  5. The Introduction Does Not Have To Be the First Thing That You Do. You are the author so it is up to you when you decide to write the Introduction. You could actually do it sometime later when the work is in progress, or even it could be the last thing that you do. Introduction though must reflect what is in the text of the dissertation.

While it can be the last thing that you do the Introduction must not be a rush job. It does require time and consideration. This is the first writing that the reader is going to see and it should be engaging, informative, and make them want to turn the page.

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